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Aesop's fable

​Lesson 29









A certain man fell ill, and being in a very bad way, he made a vow that he would sacrifice a hundred oxen to the gods if they would grant him a return to health. Wishing to see how he would keep his VOW they caused him to recover in a short time. Now, he hadn’t an ox in the world. So he made a hundred little oxen out of tallow and offered them up on an altar, at the same time saying, “Ye gods! I call you to witness that I have discharged my VOW.”The gods are determined to be even with him. So they sent him a dream, in which he was bidden to go to the seashore and fetch a hundred crowns which he was to find there. Hastening in great excitement to the shore,he fell in with a band of robbers who seized him and carried him off to sell as a slave:and when they sold him a hundred crowns was the thing he fetched.


Do not promise more than you can perform.

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