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Aesop's fable

​Lesson 53

The Shepherd Child: Crying Wolf








【The Shepherd Child:Crying wolf】


A shepherd boy was driving the sheep back to the village, thinking that it would be more fun to fool the villagers by pretending that the wolf attacked the sheep. So he shouted: "The wolf is here! The wolf is here!" The people came running when they heard the shout, and the shepherd boy laughed at them, mocking their feelings. After that, the shepherd boy did the same again, this time the villagers were deceived again, because there were no wolves at all.


Finally, one day, a wolf did come, and the shepherd boy desperately shouted: "The wolf is here! The wolf is here!" At this time, those who had heard him cry before didn't take him seriously anymore. So the wolf ate all the sheep leisurely.

The moral:  This is how liars are rewarded: even if they tell the truth, no one believes them.

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