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1 in 4 office workers are YouTubers on the side: survey
Kang Tae-kwon, an office worker in his 30s, has his own YouTube channel with more than 100,000 subscribers. Its main focus is on introducing Korean culture to non-Koreans, which is unrelated to his job at a state-owned company in the agricultural sector.  At its peak, he was making around 2 million won a month. "I seriously considered quitting my job to become a professional YouTuber, which may have led to higher income. But I decided to leave it as a hobby," he said.  A recent survey conducted in September by Incruit among 735 office employees showed that 29 percent of them have a YouTube channel. The reasons why they became YouTubers were "To keep a record of my daily life and share it with others" chosen by 47 percent and "For additional income" by 36 percent, followed by "Career development and self-promotion" by 10 percent.


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