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疫病大流行期间 峇里岛学生可用椰子缴学费





金星一号餐旅学院校长普特拉告诉当地媒体《Bali Puspa新闻》表示,「原本学费缴交分3期,第一期缴50%,第二期20%,第三期则是30%」。

Students In Bali Can Pay Tuition Fees With Coconuts Amid Pandemic


A hospitality college in Bali, Indonesia, has begun accepting coconuts as tuition payment as students face economic hardship as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

When students at the Venus One Tourism Academy pay their fees with coconuts, the college will use them to harvest virgin coconut oil, UPI reported.


Alternatively, students can pay with leaves from other selected tropical plants which can be converted into herbal soap and be sold to raise money for the academy.


"Initially, the tuition payment scheme was paid in three installments, with the first installment at 50 percent, the second 20 at percent, and the third at 30 percent," Venus One Tourism Academy’s director Wayan Pasek Adi Putra told local news outlet Bali Puspa News.

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