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學校再次關閉 - 在職父母的麻煩加深


学校再次关闭 在职父母的麻烦加深

Working parents’ woes deepen as schools shut down again
Working parents of kindergarten and elementary school students are struggling again to find suitable childcare options, as all schools in the Seoul metropolitan area have been ordered to move classes online until Sept. 11.  Although the measure was in response to the recent surge in the number of infections among students, teachers and other education workers, remote learning poses a burden to working parents as younger children are less likely to stay focused on lectures for a longer time.  The only option for working parents is sending their children to "emergency child care" classes, set up at schools for kindergarteners and younger elementary students who are in need of care during the day.

News 8-30-20 school closingChristine Tu
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