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tuition & payment policy

  1. As of August 2022, tuition is $10 for 50 minutes classes, $15 for 80-90 minute classes, and $20 for 2-hour classes. 

  2. The student's first month of tuition is prorated. 

  3. Registration fee.  We want to make sure families are satisfied with the classes and do not charge the registration fee upfront.  If you are satisfied with the classes and wish to continue for the second month, there is a $40 annual registration fee, regardless of whether the first month's tuition is prorated or not.

  4. The coaches live overseas.  I collect the payments for them and arrange for international monthly transfer via PayPal.  Therefore, they want to minimize transaction fee.  At this point, I accept PayPal and Zelle. 

  5. My Zelle account is also

  6. My PayPal account is  The name is Li-Kun Tu.  ***Please PayPal me using your BANK, not your credit card, and as a "FRIEND", NOT for "Goods and Services" since PayPal charges a ~ 3% fee on my end for those.***  If I am charged a service fee, I will ask you to reimburse me for it. 

  7. Please send my assistant Evelyn 姿璇 via Messenger or email a screenshot of your payment and note any credits to her so that she can keep track of payment.

  8. Many parents still PayPal me the WRONG way, despite all these!  Please do it right!  If you ask your spouse to PayPal me, please let him or her know the above !!

  9. Please include your child's name and class information in your payment memo (e.g. Jason Chang, Read-Aloud (or debate), Thu 7PM PST). 

  10. I do not have the time to confirm all the payments separately, as I do have a regular job as a physician.  If I don't see your payment during the first week of the month, I will get in touch with you.

  11. Thank you !!

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