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Aesop's fable


​Lesson 8


The old woman and the doctor






                                                THE OLD WOMAN AND THE DOCTOR

    An Old Woman became almost totally blind from a disease of the eyes, and,
after consulting a Doctor, made an agreement with him in the presence of witnesses
that she should pay him a high fee if he cured her, while if he failed he was to receive
nothing. The Doctor accordingly prescribed a course of treatment, and every time he
paid her a visit he took away with him some article out of the house, until at last,
when he visited her for the last time, and the cure was complete, there was nothing
left. When the Old Woman saw that the house was empty she refused to pay him his
fee; and, after repeated refusals on her part, he sued her before the magistrates for
payment of her debt. On being brought into court she was ready with her defense.
“The claimant,” said she, “has stated the facts about our agreement correctly. I
undertook to pay him a fee if he cured me, and he, on his part, promised to charge

nothing if he failed. Now, he says I am cured; but I say that I am blinder than ever,
and I can prove what I say. When my eyes were bad I could, at any rate, see well
enough to be aware that my house contained a certain amount of furniture and other
things; but now, when according to him I am cured, I am entirely unable to see
anywhere at all.” 


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